Show Photos 2017




Dog Line Up
Left to right: Lythwood Secret Dealer,

Mrs S Walker, Lavika Luminary, Kyleburn Acis



Bitch Line Up
Left to right: Lorainian Celtic Star, Peartbrook Sky Blue,
Mrs S Walker, Sherkarl Look at Me Now,

Samphrey Bitta Sweet






Best Dog & RBIS

 Lythwood Secret Dealer






Reserve Best Dog

 Lavika Luminary





Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy in Show

  Lavika Luminary





Best Veteran Dog

  Kyleburn Acis





Best Bitch & BIS

  Lorainian Celtic Star





Reserve Best Bitch

 Peartbrook Sky Blue






Best Puppy Bitch

   Sherkarl Look at Me Now






Best Veteran Bitch & Best Veteran in Show

  Samphrey Bitta Sweet


                  19th March 2017

        Championship Show Line-up

Left to Right: Lythwood Sweetheart, Mrs M Penwarne (Bitch Judge), Lythwood Secret Dealer, Mrs L Goodwin (Dog Judge), Keycharm Heaven Knows of Milesend, Ch Rannerdale Bugsy Malone


Bitch CC & Best In Show


Lythwood Sweetheart


Mr & Mrs Rigby

Reserve Best In Show and Dog CC


Lythwood Secret Dealer


Mr & Mrs Rigby

Best Puppy in Show and Best Puppy Dog


Keycharm Heaven Knows at Milesend


Mrs J Miles

Best Veteran in Show, Reserve Dog CC & Best Veteran Dog


Ch Rannerdale Bugsy Malone


Mrs A Stafford

Reserve Bitch CC


Blenmerrow Infinity for Kevdon


Mr & Mrs D Lambert

Best Puppy Bitch


Oakcroft Enchanted Star of Charnico


Mrs D Hassell

Best Veteran Bitch


Ch Rannerdale Star O'The North JW


Miss C Stafford

Bitch Line-up


Lythwood Sweetheart, Blenmerrow Infinity for Kevdon, Mrs M Penwarne (Judge), Oakcroft Enchanted Star of Charnico, Ch Rannerdale Star O'The North

Dog Line-up


Keycharm Heaven Knows at Milesend, Lythwood Secret Dealer, Mrs L Goodwin (Judge), Ch Rannerdale Bugsy Malone