Show Photos 2018


Best in Show Line-up. From Left to Right: BPIS Keltihope Wispa's girl, BIS Lundecocks Surprise Packet SEJV16, Judge Mrs J Lilley, RBIS Willowgarth Olympic Summer, BVIS Samphrey Moonlight Shadow JW.




Dog Line-up.


From Left to Right. Puppy dog, Lavika Lush Life, Best Dog Lundecocks Surprise Packet SEJV 16, Judge Mrs J Lilley, Reserve Best Dog, Shadoway Lucky Strike, Veteran Dog, Samphrey Moonlight Shadow JW




Bitch Line-up


Puppy Bitch, Keltihope Wispa's Girl, Best Bitch, Willowgarth Olympic Summer, Judge Mrs J Lilley, Reserve Best Bitch, Lavika Good Luck, Veteran Bitch Jolex Frosted Ice.

Due to weather conditions and poor lighting, we thank Mr Paul Van Ulsen for supplying us with these photographs.

2018 Championship Show Photo's

Best In Show - Line up


From Left to Right

BPIS, Lavika Lush Life. Owned by Mrs S Robinson. BIS Lianbray Lothario. Owned by Mrs G Bray. Bitch Judge Mrs V Dyer. Dog Judge Mrs C Trueman. BVIS, Lucky Liason at Lianbray Shcm. Owned by Mrs M Deveson. RBIS Ch Oakcroft Star Force JW. Owned by Mrs V Winfield

Best Dog Line-up


From Left to right:


Dog CC Lianbray Lothario, Mrs G Bray. Dog RCC Ch Oakcroft Star Force, Mrs V Winfield. Judge Mrs C Trueman. Best Puppy Dog, Lavika Lush Life, Mrs S Robinson. Best Veteran Dog, Ch Kelgrove Just Blue at Stormhead JW Shcm, Ms J Rutterford.

Best Bitch Line-up


Bitch CC, Lavika Black Beauty, Mrs S Robinson. Reserve Bitch CC, Lavika Good Luck, Mrs S Robinson.

Judge Mrs V Dyer. Puppy Bitch, Carolelen Classic Star by Oakcroft, Mrs V Winfield. Veteran Bitch, Lucky Liason at Lianbray Shcm, Mrs M Deveson.