Puppy Register


If you have puppies available you can put them on our online Puppy Register

Open to club members only.  Cost: £5.00 per litter. 
Make cheques payable to Shetland Sheepdog Club of Wales


If you are looking for a puppy or wish to place a puppy or litter on the register
then contact Mr Mike Light on 01761 452280 or mike.light@btinternet.com


Please let us know when you have sold your puppies so they can be removed from the site. 




The Shetland Sheepdog Club of Wales accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of information supplied by the advertiser/seller of puppies being advertised on this website.

Dog owners/breeders/purchasers advertise and/or buy and sell dogs or arrange meetings/make contact with advertisers/breeders found on this site at their own risk.  It is the buyers full responsibility to verify the authenticity/reputability/history of the advertiser/seller/breeder and the status of their dogs/puppies.

Puppies Available


No Puppies currently available





                             Watch the KC video on the Dos and Don'ts of Buying a Puppy (click on link below)




The Club also has a rehoming section

For further details contact

Rehoming Co-ordinator:   Mrs Jan Lansdown 
Tel:  029 2075 7915 or email janlansdown@aol.com